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Why Outsource?

Outsourcing certain functions of your business is likely to be more time and cost efficient. It’s as simple as that. Businesses lose valuable time and resources when they attempt to do things that they are not familiar with, not set up to do, or simply no longer have the motivation or wish to do.

The functions that may be outsourced fall into three main categories:

  • functions that businesses do irregularly – such as legal audits and due diligence;
  • functions that businesses no longer wish to do;
  • functions that businesses do on a regular basis – such as contracts management, policing of IP rights, maintaining legal databases relating to businesses.

Whatever legal or IP functions you no longer wish to do, we can help you.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

The main benefit of outsourcing is that your business gets to concentrate on doing what it does best, safe in the knowledge that the outsourced function has been taken care of. Assigning a particular task to us for outsourcing will cause us to focus on the process being outsourced to make it as efficient as possible, using a combination of technology driven solutions, task evaluation and our knowledge of the legal parameters to which the task must conform.

As a business located outside, but close to a major capital city, we can leverage operational cost savings to provide you with cost efficient solutions to your outsourcing needs at a quality level that surpasses that of international or overseas outsourcing providers in the likes of India, The Phillipines and South Africa. Furthermore, we understand your culture – because it’s the same as ours – we’re in the same or very similar time zone to you and we can meet with you, face to face, on a day’s notice.

Technically, we are not an outsourcer, but for Australian businesses we are a “nearsourcer”. Jokingly, we refer our outsourcing business as WONGALORE – a mixture of Bangalore and Wollongong.

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Whatever administrative, paralegal or legal task you have, whether it’s an internal one for the purpose of operating your business or one that is part of your product, we may be able to assist. It could be as simple as monitoring your contracts and terms of business to make sure that all of your customers have the same or similar terms and that your contracts have not expired.

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If your business is based around contractual rights then managing contracts can be a large part of your business. An example would be a franchise business which has a number of contracts with franchisees. Often these contracts are not monitored and changes to the standard form contracts for particular individual contracts are not recorded anywhere centrally – but left buried in individual agreements. Often, a basic summary of the main commercial terms of each contract is not available to allow the business to understand its obligations.

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This service is particularly attractive to small to medium sized law practices or in-house corporate M&A teams that do not have the resources or expertise on their staff to conduct such due diligence and advise on the results in a manner that suits the project and the client’s instructions.

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We understand that many clients are looking for a one-stop shop when it comes to all their commercial law needs. However, for a small to medium sized law firm of in-house legal department, the cost of a full time trade mark attorney or IP lawyer is uneconomic.

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